First as half of the renowned female rockabilly duo, The Casey Sisters, and then as a solo artist, Caroline Casey's vocal and lyrical talents have garnered attention worldwide, with appearances in the icy terrain of Scandinavia to the lush romance of Italy. She has shared a bill with dozens of musical legends including Buddy Holly's Crickets, Rocky Burnette, Wanda Jackson, Rosie Flores, High Noon, Lew Williams, the Cleftones, and many more. Over the years, her work with traditional music has landed her increasingly important roles in other mediums. She is also a music writer and music history scholar, and has appeared in the 2003 Grammy-nominated documentary "Welcome to the Club: Women of Rockabilly."


Caroline Casey & the Stringslingers

This Broken Crown (El Toro)

"With her first album since the Casey Sisters' Crazy Spree in 2002, Caroline Casey unloads juke-joint gold in her solo debut, like Loretta Lynn at her sassiest. "Blazin' a Champagne Trail," "Little Pink Mack," and "Caffeine, Nicotine" roll with raucous twang, while "Used Wedding Rings" is beautifully brutal. "Threshold of Heartache," meanwhile, bursts with Spanish flavor, and Brennen Leigh duets on the flirty "Daddy's Girl." (Three Stars)." --Doug Freeman, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

 "On her solo debut for the Spanish El Toro label, "This Broken Crown", the singer, songwriter, and guitarist offers up a crackling fresh timeless mixture of explosive rockabilly-twang, grooving western swing, purebred country, and dyed-in-the-wool honky-tonk..."there is nothing here without soul, heart and energy and a sense of sheer fun that can be heard in every note..."Caroline Casey and Her Stringslingers have ignited an absolutely sweeping, musical fireworks explosion of sound that will inspire every genre lover from its first to last minute. 

Caroline shines with a versatile voice, which equally communicates joy of life, passion, melancholy, and lasciviousness. The fact that everything doesn't always run smoothly and perfectly makes the matter more beautiful and honest. The whole album swings, rocks and two-steps, and it nearly brings tears of joy. As stated, this a timeless work, a monument to playful joy and intensity."  --Max W. Aschatz, COUNTRY JUKEBOX:



The Casey Sisters, Crazy Spree (2002, Tail Records)

The Casey Sisters, Who's Crying Now? (2000, Tail Records)


The She-Demons: Screamingly good 4-part harmony. A collaboration of the Casey Sisters and the Honeybees.


  • Friday, Aug 12, 2016. Buck Owens 25th Anniversary Birthday Bash! Continental Club 1315 S. Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas. 7:3opm
  • October 15, 2016: Casey Sisters reunion performance at the International Memphis Rockabilly Festival. Venue info TBA. Memphis, Tennessee. 2-day festival, Oct 15-16, 2016.